CDM Penang Celebrates Migrant Sunday

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Migrant Sunday was celebrated at the 9 am Mass on the 24th September at CDM Penang. The main theme of the day was The Generous Love of God with the sub-theme recognizing Child Migrants: the Helpless and Vulnerable. The purpose of this celebration was to continue the on-going efforts of the Migrant Ministry at CDM to reach out to the migrant community within our midst to make them feel welcomed and to promote a culture of encounter in the parish.

It was most heart-warming to see the diverse groups of Filipinos, Indonesians, Nigerians, Indians and Vietnamese all turn up to celebrate the Mass. The congregation was exposed to an awaking reminder when at the end of the first and second readings of the day that they had heard the Word of God from the proclamation declared loudly in a chant by each lector. The first reading was read in the major Nigerian dialect of Igbo by Patrick Chikere and the second reading was done in Vietnamese by Joseph Nguyen.

In his homily on the Gospel of Matthew 20:1-16a about God’s generosity in paying hired labourers, Fr Martin Arlando remarked that often this gospel reading makes people feel that life is unfair. We get less, not more for our efforts. He related that things can always be much worse and told a humorous story about a priest who advocated this by saying that in any situation, things could actually be much worse. It is common for us to complain when we do more but get less. But why be envious of God’s generosity. God’s ways and thoughts are above ours. Imagine the feelings of the latecomers who had been waiting for work, feeling hopeless, rejected and desperate for that day’s wage of one denarii to feed their families. Their only hope was in God’s mercy. Fr Martin told the congregation that it isn’t about being a good person and expecting to go to heaven but to please Jesus so as to be close to Him. He reminded everyone that the first person to go to heaven after the death of Jesus was the repentant thief. The one that had sinned so much that he was crucified and yet he went to heaven ahead of the sinless Mother Mary. When one is in love with Jesus, you want to please Him and be with Him. You can prove this with your prayer life and in living everyday by the way you live. Don’t you want others to experience this generosity and love of God? If you love God, this is the way to prove it by the way you live your life in Jesus ‘ example and He will give what you want most, that is, to be with Him. On this migrant Sunday Fr Martin reminded us that we need to focus on the children. To reach out with the love of Jesus as we are their hands and feet as they have no one else to turn to. If you had children in another country wouldn’t you want someone there to reach out to them. Trust in God’s ways and always give thanks for the opportunity to be a Jesus to them by showing them the tender love of God’s mercy.

At the end of mass the congregation were shown a video prepared by the regional episcopal migrant group on the Plight of Migrants in the World for Migrant Sunday. Fr Martin also asked all migrants to come to the altar for a special blessing.

After mass, the migrants were invited to Faustina Hall for fellowship. A light meal was prepared by Filipino and Indonesian caterers that consisted of Pinoy and some favourite dishes such as sweet and sour fish and stir fried vegetables. A Filipino band serenaded the diners with a medley of songs in English, Tagalog, and Bahasa Indonesia. They were then joined by some “guest artistes” who brought the house down with their renditions of “One Love” and a Batak Toba number. The children enjoyed themselves too, dancing delightedly to the music. It was very encouraging to see everyone enjoying the meal, then staying back to chat with each other and with the locals who dropped by to meet them. Gilda, a young professional from India, said she was impressed that the event was organised specially for migrants and felt happy that the parish community actually knew of their existence and cared about them.

A Malaysian was overheard commenting that it was “so nice” to hear the two guest lectors proclaiming the readings then chanting “the Word of the Lord” in their own languages.

Written by

Dr Ivan Filmer

29th September, 2017.

Novena and masses leading up to Feast of St Faustina (Sat 7 Oct 2017)

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Day Date Novena to
St Faustina
Thurs 28/9/17 (Day 1) 3.00pm No mass
Fri 29/9/17 (Day 2) 8.00pm Mass 8.30pm. Potbless after Mass.
Sat 30/9/17 (Day 3) 5.00pm 5.30pm Mass
Sun 1/10/17 (Day 4) 8.30am 9am Mass
Mon 2/10/17 (Day 5) 3.00pm No Mass
Tues 3/10/17 (Day 6) 3.00pm 6.45am Mass
Wed 4/10/17 (Day 7) 3.00pm 6.45am Mass
Thurs 5/10/17 (Day 8) 3.00pm 6.45am Mass
Fri 6/10/17 (Day 9) 3.00pm 8pm Holy Hour followed by Mass
Sat 7/10/17 St Faustina
Feast Day
6.45am Mass;
Sequence for sunset mass
5.15pm Novena to OMPH, 5.30pm Mass,
After mass:
Veneration of Relics,
Fellowship dinner,
7.45pm Procession (with lantern),
Adoration and Benediction,
Mooncake tasting

CDM Celebrates Day of the Sick

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“Did you see Fr Martin glow during the acclamation of the HOLY, HOLY, HOLY!“ asked Rosy. “I have had this sinus problem for some time. This morning when Fr gave me a blessing the sinus just cleared up, “ declared Anne. “I just broke down. I experienced this great sense of relief since I have had emotional challenges lately, “ remarked Benedict. “I experienced this force on my forehead as Fr annointed me, “ explained Premala. “It was most heartwarming to see Fr come around to each of us to pray and anoint the sick. It was a most compassionate and loving act,“ remarked Cecilia. These were some of the testimonies given by those who came for the Mass for the Day of the Sick at the Church of Divine Mercy, Penang (CDM) on the 26th August.


Congregation attending the Mass for the Sick


This year’s theme of the Mass was “My Jesus, My Refuge “ and a total of 92 people came for anointing and blessing. Among them were 10 non-Catholics and the youngest was a child of 6 months and a lady 94 years young. Some came as a family, others with the young giving support to the elderly. An ambulance made two trips to transport two bedridden gentlemen and a total of seven wheelchairs were arranged at the front pew.

In his homily, Fr Martin Arlando, Fr reverted to the Gospel reading of Mark 7:31-37 when Jesus heals the deaf and mute man. Fr explained that Jesus has always said that he would not dessert us. Suffering and illness is a challenge in this world and we need to have faith. In having faith we put our trust in the Lord. Fr Martin then went on to relate the plight of a blind man in his inability to communicate, his feelings of isolation, his being ridiculed and pitied for his handicap and the sense of uselessness being unable to contribute to his community. When Jesus cures him, he is elated as he is given back his life. In return Jesus has asked for nothing, just to pray. Often when we are in need we ask but do not stop to listen. We need to stop talking in order to listen. We need to follow the powerful and important example of the Mother of Jesus. Who listened and accepted God’s will for her. To look with the heart and mind to directed the ear and tongue. God doesn’t force Himself on us and walk away but returns to us in the Eucharist and in anointing. Fr Martin reminded the sick that their prayers are the most powerful and they needed to pray not only for themselves but for those they love and are in need around them.


Fr Martin Arlando anointing the Sick


At the end of the Mass, Fr Martin gave each sick person a souvenir bottle of holy water. Everyone was then treated to a fellowship meal sponsored by the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. Many asked when was the next anointing and were told that CDM does this twice a year and that they would be invited again when the occasion came by.

Written by

Dr Ivan Filmer

1st September, 2017